Over 2 billion drinking water disease incidents every year. Huge cost to economies, and more than 1.6 million mortalities. In addition, exposure to natural and industrial pollution such as arsenic, chromium and lead cause more mortalitties than malaria

Activated Filter Media

In most cases the solution is simple, and every dollar spent on appropriate water treatment returns 20. AFM in a CAFE filter is a solution

Drinking water is responsible
for up to 80% of all disease
in developing countries

Cafe filters allow
rural communities
to provide their own solution

Tube well water treatment
and aquifer replenishment

  1. arsenic
  2. ferric & manganese
  3. flouride
  4. chromium
  5. turbidity reduction

Social enterprise and businesses
are formed to deliver, maintain
and sell the water in the communities

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Surface water treatment

Better than 95% reduction of turbidity.
Removes parasites, including copepods with cholera
European Union standard water

Open Source Design for Cafe Filters.
Designs provided at no cost, we also welcome
any design recomendations

Sustainable drinking water to a
European standard

Activated Filter Media

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Dryden Aqua is a level 1
supplier to the United Nations

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Cafe / DA membership organisations & certification

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