About us & what we do

Cafe, is a social enterprise developed from the experience and observation from working in Africa, India and indonesia.  Over 80% of all disease is caused from the consumption of contaminated water, even if the water is treated or if it is ground water, there are many biological and toxic issues.  Indeed the greatest human poisoning in history is still on-going and getting worse, and this relates to groundwater arsenic toxicity in India and Bangladesh.

Many of the  water treatment technology provided for rural communities has not been successful.  There are a variety of reasons; ranging from too expensive, no spare parts, lack of support and not sustainable or appropriate systems for the water type.  For example borehole may be drilled, but the water is not analysed, or after the rainy season there is infiltration of bacterium into the aquifer.

An out-come of European Commission research project www.Eco-India.eu., was the delivery of a simple, robust and stable water treatment systems for both ground water and surface water.  The mission of CAFE is to make this information and technology available to anyone, and to support organisations, especially social organisations, to fabricate and supply the equipment. 

Cafe, will provide key components of the systems, such as the AFM filter media, pumps and other components if they are not available  from local manufacturers. 

By supporting a network and assisting local companies  to develop their own business in their own country and neighbourhood, we hope to have a much greater impact on the provision of Clean Aqua For Everyone.

What we do.

  • we can provide a complete water treatment system for local companies to instal, there will be a cost for the equipment
  • we can just provide the drawings and technical information for local companies to fabricate the filters, supplied at zero cost
  • we can provide key components, such as the AFM, solar powered pumps, wind powered pumps, UPS back-up
  • We provide technical support and advice


Cafe / DA membership organisations & certification

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